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Condorcet’s addresses and travels

Carte de Cassini en couleur [détail], issue de l'exemplaire dit de "Marie-Antoinette" du XVIIIe siècle (

This compendium was mainly established in light of Condorcet’s correspondence – with the exception of the period of his childhood and adolescence for which no letters have been found. Indeed, his correspondence provides information on the residences he occupied, as well as the trips he made outside Paris. Conversely, the resulting chronology provides clues that can improve the dating of Condorcet’s correspondence. However, the compendium remains an outline which will eventually be merged – just like the Calendar of Condorcet’s academic attendance and the Chronology of his life – into a larger compendium, Condorcet’s Daily Life, which will present his activities as an encyclopaedist, his travels, his involvement in various committees or societies, his places of residence, as well as the events that concerned him on a day-by-day basis.

Nicolas Rieucau and Éric Vanzieleghem

Link to the document: Adresses et déplacements de Condorcet.pdf.



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